Become A Sponsor

What does it do for your company?

Advertise with us! With exposure to collectively thousands of people while on their bikes at cycling events, cyclists are like rolling billboards. Names and logos can appear anywhere on the clothing and everywhere a rider goes, the sponsor goes with them. Our riders wear our club shirts with your logo on public roads and bike paths. They represent our club mission, values and healthy and active lifestyle – in a sport that nearly everyone understands, because everyone’s ridden a bike.

In addition to cycling, the PMTCC members take part in charity events such as the MS150 and other similar community and charity programs. They appear at these events in club apparel and provide further exposure for the sponsor supporting many great causes. If you are interested, our members are available for appearances at your events.

What does it do for PMTCC Cycling?

Sponsorship enables PMTCC to continue providing members with the financial and product support that will help the club grow to it’s fullest potential. Your financial / product donations or discounts assist in providing members with the training, equipment, clothing, travel, and other costs associated with keeping the club’s operation and being able to provide community benefits to promote cycling.

Interested in sponsoring PMTCC?

Please contact for sponsorship opportunities. Thanks!